Contributing towards peaceful, healthy and prosperous community everywhere.

Development for Peace International (DFPI) was established as a non-profit organization in 2007 by a group of peace-loving people residing in Texas, USA. The group members had closely observed the situation in Nepal where a conflict due to poverty and social injustice prevailed more than a decade.

Now, Nepal is in social transformation phase and the poverty and social injustice issues have to be properly addressed for the ever-lasting peace. DFP likes to be one of the agents of change to break the chain of poverty and contribute for the peace building in Nepal. Beyond that, we also like to share our experience in other parts of the world where there is the absence of peace.

Development For Peace International

Journey For Peace since 2007


Development for Peace International (DFPI) is a 501(c)3 Tax-exempt organization registered in 2007 in Hurst, Texas, USA. Now, DFP International is celebrating its 10th year of establishment . In this 10 years, the organization has assisted in Orphans & Vulnerable Children Education, Women Empowerment and other support to needy people humanitarian ground in Nepal. The organization has also supported the survivors of natural calamity and other needy people in Texas USA. The organization has its working area based in Nepal & USA and in process of expanding it to other parts of the world.


To have a peaceful, healthy and prosperous community everywhere.


Bringing our vision into reality by empowering the communities based on their internal resources and capabilities and external conditions incorporating social justice.


DFP assists in combating poverty and social injustice, the root cause of the absence of peace, by means of service delivery and capacity building activities for the local community. Means consists of delivering goods and services based on communities’ self-identified needs and empowering and building capabilities by analyzing the strengths available in the community. DFP International works with local communities and other institutions to:
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